College of Business Administration (Saitama Campus)

The College of Business Administration was established in April 2012, inheriting and expanding the School of Administration and Communication of the College of Cross-Cultural Communication and Business, which had accumulated education and research experience since the opening of Mizuhodai Campus. The human resource development goal of the College of Business Administration is to cultivate professionals who can play an active role in regional industry and tourism sector by demonstrating their communication and leadership skills.


Through practical classes, students will acquire specialized knowledge and skills that are necessary for business administration in a socio-economic environment, where globalization and dramatic IT development are taking place. We work in partnership with businesses and the community and invite business persons from corporations and local governments to give special lectures, providing hands-on classes for students to learn from realistic scenes. Students will also learn fundamental and specialized subjects of business administration in a systematic manner. Furthermore, students will conduct field research by visiting businesses, identify issues in the field and then make a project proposal to resolve the issues.
By doing these activities, students are able to develop skills to identify and resolve problems, skills to communicate with people in a group and leadership skills. The basic purpose of education is to develop human resources with basic skills as a member of society.

  1. Classes are established for students to learn the philosophy of symbiosis, which is the founding spirit of Shukutoku University.
  2. Both "Basic Education classes" (subjects related to Foreign Languages, Japanese Language and Information) and "Self-Reliance Support classes" are provided so that students can develop basic social skills including communication skills and basic knowledge required for a member of society.
  3. "General Education classes" (subjects related to Human Understanding, Culture Understanding, Society Understanding, Global Understanding and Health Understanding) are for students to learn knowledge about human understanding, culture and history, as well as issues in modern society.
  4. "Introduction classes" and "Fundamental classes" are for students to learn the basic knowledge of business administration and tourism management.
  5. "Expansion classes" and "Relevant subjects" are for students to learn specialized knowledge and methodologies of business administration and tourism management.
  6. "Internships" and "short-term overseas training" are available for students to develop a practical and global perspective.
  7. "Practice classes" are for students to develop skills to identify and resolve problems through visiting actual businesses, conducting field research and experiencing presentations and project proposals.
  8. As the culmination of the 4 Year College, instructors will help students individually to carry out graduate study for the purpose of integrating the knowledge and practical skills acquired, and to further develop the skills to identify and resolve problems.
School of Business Administration
School of Tourism and Management
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