College of Nursing and Nutrition - Department Information (2nd Chiba Campus)

School of Nursing

Demand for nurse practitioners continues to grow with the sophistication, complexity and diversity of medical care. In particular, university graduates who received a 4-year nursing education only account for 10% of all the nurse practitioners and therefore leadership positions are in demand. For 4 years, based on a rich curriculum filled with basic knowledge of medicine and nursing technology and by using the latest audio-visual teaching materials, students will develop their sense and knowledge of health, medical care, welfare and public administration in the area of facility and community nursing practice. In addition, to meet advanced needs, we set up the campus of Nursing Department inside Chiba-East-Hospital. We are the first nursing education provider in Japan to tie up with a national hospital organization. We also founded "Shukutoku Kyoseien", a special nursing home, at the same time when we established the Nursing Department. Students will have a practical training here to acquire nursing knowledge and skills that are required by the field of welfare.

School of Nutrition

Students in the Nutrition Department aim to become managerial dieticians who have the three skills (coexistence, creative practical and supporting skills) to support the realization of people's health and welfare based on a high degree of professionalism. With all the food-related problems these days, including food-related accidents and children's unbalanced diets, food professionals are increasingly needed to propose a safe and healthy dietary life and support the health of people and society from the aspect of food and nutrition. Against the background of these social needs, students can acquire solid specialized knowledge and practical skills, and will develop a comprehensive ability to become a managerial dietician who can "face the challenge to enhance human health and realize a healthy society through dietary life".

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