Shukutoku University was established in 1965, when the public interest in social welfare was not as high as today. Predicting future trends, the University was composed of the Social Welfare Department, Faculty of Social Welfare, as a single-department University. The objective of the University is to "cultivate human resources who can contribute to the realization of 'self-reliance and social solidarity of each individual' through the practice of social welfare". The thought has always been with us since the establishment of the University, that the realization of "welfare" can only be achieved based on solidarity among all kinds of people, including children, senior citizens and people with disabilities, and the coexistence of everything that has a "life".

In response to the demands of the times, Shukutoku University has also sequentially opened the Faculty of College of Integrated Human and Social Welfare, College of Community Studies , Shukutoku Graduate School of Integrated Human and Social Welfare Studies (Chiba Campus), College of Cross-Cultural Communication And Business, College of Business Administration, College of Education(Saitama Campus), College of Nursing and Nutrition,Graduate school of Nursing(2nd Chiba Campus),and College of Humanities(Tokyo Campus).

  《Chiba campus》 〒260-8701   200 Daiganjicho, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan  Phone:81-43-265-7331
  《The second Chiba campus》 〒260-8703   673 Nitonacho, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba,Japan Phone:81-43-305-1881
  《Saitama campus》 〒354-8510   1150-1 Fujikubo, Miyoshi-machi, Iruma-gun, Saitama,Japan Phone:81-49-274-1511
  《Tokyo campus》 〒174-0063   2-29-3 Maenochō, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo,Japan Phone:81-3-3966-7637

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