College of Integrated Human and Social Welfare (Chiba Campus)

The College of Integrated Human and Social Welfare is positioned as the cornerstone of Shukutoku University, which has 5 faculties. Nowadays, there are a number of welfare-related faculties and departments around the country. However, our College of Integrated Human and Social Welfare (formerly called the Social Welfare Faculty, Social Welfare Department) was established about a half century ago, which makes it the pioneer of 4-year welfare-related universities. Not only can students acquire specialized knowledge and skills about social welfare, through our practical learning-based approach, students can also have a better understanding about psychology and health so that they can learn social welfare comprehensively and multilaterally.


In the College of Integrated Human and Social Welfare, we put a lot of efforts in practical training with cooperating social welfare facilities, hospitals, public organizations and private companies, as well as our sister facility "Shukutoku Kyoseien", a special nursing home. Students can have a better understanding about welfare by gaining experience in the field, and learn with a clear sense of purpose, including future goals and qualifications they wish to obtain.

In addition to practical training, we also focus on experience-based and interactive lessons and activities. Our curriculum is directly linked to qualifications and can help students to develop compassion and independence through practical education.

  1. In order to help students to systematically understand the basic knowledge and techniques in specialized fields, the curriculum is developed for students to learn a wide range of learning content and expertise linked to specialized knowledge, as well as to acquire practical skills of theoretical knowledge and techniques through practice training lessons.
  2. The fundamental education subjects consist of basic subjects (for learning generic skills) and general subjects (for learning a wide range of knowledge about human culture and society). After clarifying the objective, a series of subjects will be organized according to the educational goals set based on the knowledge and skills to be cultivated.
School of Social Welfare
School of Education and Welfare
School of Practical Psychology
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