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Jun 3, 2024

Katherine Kendall Award Lecture by Dr Tatsuru Akimoto, ARIISW Honorary Director

The transcript of Prof Akimoto's keynote lecture, entitled “International Social Work (ISW) Beyond Its Centennial Anniversary: ISW of Social Work (SW) in the Third Stage, Western-rooted SW, Buddhist SW, and SW of All”, at the Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development (SWSD2024) held in Panama is now available here:
KK Memorial Lecture

Dr Tatsuru Akimoto

International social work of all people in the whole world: a new construction


About Us


Asian Research Institute for International Social Work (ARIISW) is the first place for you to contact when you want to work with Japanese colleagues or institutions or to study in and/or about Japan. The main mission of ARIISW is to learn from, work with, and provide research opportunities and results to you, colleagues from other countries, to contribute to the advancement of research and education in the field of social work across Asia and the world.
The Institute also has a special mission to serve as a hub for research and education in Buddhist social work in Asia.
The Institute is non-sectarian and non-profit. It was established on April 1, 2016,  in commemoration of the 50th anniversaries of the birth of Shukutoku University and the passing of its founder, Ryoshin Hasegawa, a pioneer of Buddhist social work in Japan.
Buddhist social workThe space where information, research data, knowledge, and experience related to Buddhist social work have been shared.


Honorary Director Akimoto Tatsuru
Director  Professor   Totsuka Noriko
Asian Center for Buddhist Social Work
Research Exchange Director
Professor   Fujimori Yusuke
Research Staff Senior Researcher / Associate Professor Matsuo Kana
Head Researcher / Assistant Professor Higashida Masateru
Program Researchers Gohori Josef
Visiting Researchers GelenkhuuTumennast
Sungkawan Decha
Matsusono Yuko
Research Fellows  Ando Noriaki
Kikuchi Yui
Sato Narumichi
Advisors Head Advisor Hasegawa Masatoshi
Advisor Tamiya Masashi
Advisor Ishikawa Togaku
Steering Committee Yamaguchi Koji
Totsuka Noriko
Yonemura Mina
Chiba Hirohiko
Okazawa Jun
Fujimori Yusuke
Matsuo Kana
Higashida Masateru
Ejima Kazuya

Affiliated Center

ARIISW Houses the Asian Center for Buddhist Social Work Research Exchange

The mission of Asian Center for Buddhist SW Research Exchange (ACBsw) is the academic exchange and research activities on Buddhist social work. ACBsw aims to be a hub center for the Asian region.
The base of all ACBsw's activities are connections with scholars, researchers, and practitioners from Asia and the world, carrying out joint researchers, international surveys, international exchange, etc. Starting from 2015, the ACBsw was in charge of the Shukutoku University's strategic project, running researchers and surveys on the role and possibility of Buddhism in Asian social work under the auspices of Japanese Government (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).
アジア仏教社会福祉学術交流センター2019International Academic Forum on Buddhist social work held in December 2019


International Joint Research and Studies 

Asian Research Institute for International Social Work, Shukutoku University, organizes and implements international joint research and studies with universities and researchers in other countries. It is also actively involved in international activities by responding to similar requests from other countries.

International Conferences and Seminars

ARIISW organizes international conferences, forums, symposia, seminars, workshops, and other forms of meetings and events.
Academic Forum is our main annual event.

Individual and Organizational Exchanges

Short visits by researchers from schools of social work as well as individual research­ers from other countries or long visits (e.g. sabbatical research) are welcomed. More officially organized long term arrangements for contractual exchange programs between schools for research, staff members, and students are also welcomed.

Human Resource Promotion

Visiting Researcher Fellowship ROMPAKU Program leading to Ph.D. 
ARIISW is now offering an opportunity to complete Ph.D. dissertation through the Visiting Researcher Fellowship Program. The aim of the program is to help meet the growing need for both a greater quantity and better quality of educators in Asian schools for social work.

Study Groups

The Institute organizes or supports voluntary study groups on various research subjects for faculty members and young researchers of Shukutoku University and in communities.

Data Collection

ARIISW is collecting and sorting data and other materials concerning international social work.
Buddhist social workThe space where information, research data, knowledge, and experience related to Buddhist social work have been shared.

Contribution to International Organizations

ARIISW and its staff contribute to the administration and operation, activities and advancement of international organiza­tions such as the International Association of Schools of Social Work (IASSW), Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education (APASWE), and International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW).

Cooperation with Schools in other Countries

ARIISW strives to respond to non-financial needs from individual universities in other countries within its capacity-supporting the start of social work programs, the design of curricula, the operation of classes and ad hoc seminars, as well as the exchange of research and faculty members and students.


Results and reports of the research and conferences above as well as books and booklets on other subjects are published.

  • Books
  • Reports
  • Kara News Letter


 Research Series No.0 From Western-rooted Professional Social Work to Buddhist Social Work(Research Series No.0)        
Written by: Tatsuru Akimoto (Japan), H.M.D.R. Herath (SriLanka), T. Ishikawa (Japan), N.H. Loan (Vietnam), S.Onopas (Thailand), K.Sangbo (Nepal)        
Editor: Josef Gohori, Ph.D.
 Research Series No.1 Growth of the Buddhist Social Work Activities in Mongolia(Research Series No.1)
Edited by: Josef Gohori and Hiroaki Ogawa        
Research Coordinated by: Demberel Sukhbaatar, Oyut-Erdene Namdadagva, and Altaibaatar Jargal 
 Research Series No.2 Vietnam Buddhism: From Charity to Buddhist Social Work(Research Series No.2)
Written by: Nguyen Hoi Loan, PhD, Assoc. Prof., Nguyen Thi Thai Lan, PhD, SW, Bui Thanh Minh, MSW, Nguyen Huu Quan, MSW, Nguyen Thu Trang, MSW, Luong Bich Thuy, MSW        
Edited by: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hoi Loan
 Research Series No.3 The Current Situation of Buddhist Social Work in Lao PDR(Research Series No.3)
Written by Outhoumphone Sanesathid, Bounxom Syharath, Khamsing Siripanya, Somchai Boulidam, and Saychai Syladeth
Edited by Satoshi Shibuya Outhoumphone Sanesathid
 Research Series No.4 Buddhist Social Work: Roots and Development of the Social Welfare System in Thailand(Research Series No.4)
Written by Sopa Onopas, Phra Maha Surakai Congboonwasana, and Noriaki Ando        
Edited by Yuko Matsusono
 Research Series No.5 Buddhist Social Work in Sri Lanka:Past and Present(Research Series No.5)
Written by H.M.D.R. Herath, Anuradha Wickramasinghe, Bamunugama Shanthawimala, Omalpe Somananda, Pepiliywala Narada, and Masateru Higashida
Edited by Tatsuru Akimoto
 Research Series No.6 Towards New Horizon:Beyond the Buddhist Social Work(Research Series No.6)
Written by Mikako Inagaki, Koko Kikuchi, Josef Gohori
Edited by Josef Gohori
Buddhist Social Work in East Asia: Chinese Buddhism and Taiwanese Buddhism (Research Series No.7)
Edited by Fujimori Yusuke
Authors: Jin Jie, Shimpo Hiromitsu, Guo Juan, Han Xiaoyan, Shioiri Hodo, Ishikawa Togaku, Dharma Master Yilai, Yoshimizu Gakugen, Ezure Emiko
Buddhism and Social Work in Cambodia and Myanmar (Research Series No. 8)
Edited by Josef Gohori, Kana Matsuo
Authors: Chun Bora, Keo Vichith, Hieu Van Ngo, Suon San, Bobby, U Kyaw Sit Naing, Daw Ei Ei Phu, Sao Ohn Hseng, Koji Yamaguchi
 Exploring Buddhist Social Work Growth of the Buddhist Social Work Activities in Mongolia(Series “Exploring Buddhist Social Work” No.1)
Edited by: Demberel, Altaibaatar, Erdene, Ogawa, Gohori
 Buddhism-and-Social-Work-in-Nepal-and-BhutanBuddhism and Social Work in Nepal and Bhutan (Research Series No. 9)
Edited by Josef Gohori
Authors: Acharya Lama Karma Sangbo, Tshering Dorji, Yangdon, Dechen Doma
Buddhist Social Work in East Asia: South Korea and Japan (Research Series No. 10)
Edited by Yusuke Fujimori, Josef Gohori
Authors: Noritaka Fujita, Sungsim Lee, Yasunori Baba, Akinori Takase, Yoshiaki Watanabe, Kana Nonaka, Eigo Takahashi, Hidenari Yamaki, Ikko Manome, Shuji Sonozaki, Naoki Miyasaka


「宗教とソーシャルワーク ~仏教の場合~イスラム教の場合~」
2016年9月(文部科学省平成28年度助成)日本社会事業大学主催・淑徳大学アジア仏教社会福祉学術交流センター共催「第24回環太平洋社会福祉セミナー アジア型ソーシャワークを構築する」2015年12月12・13日の会議録の増し刷り

Religion and Social Work: How Does Islamic "Social Work" Operate in Asia?
日本社会事業大学との共同研究報告書 Akimoto Tatsuru,sv. Fujioka,hd. Matsuo Kana,ed.March 2017.(文部科学省平成28年度助成)

How is Asian Buddhism Involved in People's Life?
Shukutoku University 2nd International Academic Forum on Buddhist Social Work Program, March 2017(文部科学省平成28年度助成)

How is Asian Buddhism involved in People’s Life?
Shukutoku University 2nd International Academic Forum on Buddhist Social Work Proceedings,  Akimoto Tatsuru,sv. Gohori Josef,and Aakamoto Etsuko,eds. September 2017(文部科学省平成29年度助成)

「第2回淑徳大学 国際学術フォーラム 仏教ソーシャルワーク:アジアの仏教は人びとの生活の問題にどうはたらくか―仏教ソーシャルワークの探求― ―アジア仏教ソーシャルワーク研究ネットワークの形成―」
秋元樹、郷堀ヨゼフ、佐藤成道編 2017年11月(文部科学省平成29年度助成)

Working Definition and Current Curricula of Buddhist Social Work ~Hanoi International Expert Meeting 5 and 6 December, 2017~
Akimoto Tatsuru,and Hattori Maki,eds. September 2018(文部科学省平成30年度助成)

Development of The Asian Buddhist Social Work Activities
December 2018(文部科学省平成30年度助成)

What Should Curriculums for International Social Work Education Be?
The 3rd Shukutoku University International Forum , Matsuo Kana,Tatsuru Akimoto,and Hattori Maki eds. January 2019

「第3回淑徳大学国際学術フォーラム 国際ソーシャルワーク教育のカリキュラムはいかにあるべきか」
共催:日本ソーシャルワーク教育学校連盟(JASWE)・日本ソーシャルワーク学会(JSSSW) 後援:国際ソーシャルワーク学校連盟(IASSW)・アジア太平洋ソーシャルワーク教育連盟(APASWE)・日本社会福祉学会・日本社会福祉教育学会 松尾加奈、秋元樹、服部麻希編 2019年3月

Buddhist Social Work in Lao PDR -research report-
Shibuya Satoshi,ed. July 2019(文部科学省平成31年度助成)

「2018年度龍谷大学国際社会文化研究所・淑徳大学アジア国際社会福祉研究所共同研究シンポジウム開催事業 アジアの仏教ソーシャルワーク ~日本が忘れてきたもの~」
郷堀ヨゼフ編 2019年10月(文部科学省平成31年度助成)

「第4回国際学術フォーラム 仏教ソーシャルワーク 仏教ソーシャルワークの旅」プレゼンテーション資料

The Journey of Buddhist Social Work~Exploring the Potential of Buddhism in Asian Social Work~
Gohori Josef,ed. March 2020.(文部科学省平成31年度助成)

Round-table Discussion on the Future of the IASSW ~What the IASSW Expects from Japanese Members and What Japanese Members Expect from the IASSW~
Kana Matsuo,Tatsuru Akimoto,ed. March 2020.(文部科学省平成31年度助成)

The Next Action Based on the Working Definition of Buddhist Social Work and Beyond -Theory,Research,Education and Practice-
Tatsuru Akimoto,ed. March 2020.(文部科学省平成31年度助成)

東日本大震災を契機とした、地域社会・社会福祉協議会と宗教施設(仏教寺院・神社等)との連 携に関するアンケート調査

研究成果報告書 2020年5月

What Buddhist Social Work Can Do While Western-rooted Professional Social Work Cannot
Tatsuru Akimoto,and Yuki Someya,ed. October 2020.

MARCH 2021.

「第5回国際学術フォーラム ソーシャルワークのグローバリゼーションに世界のソーシャルワーク研究者は抗う~脱植民地化・土着化・スピリチュアリティ・仏教ソーシャルワーク~、Social Work Academics Resisting the Globalization of Western-rooted Social Work~Decolonization,Indigenization,Spirituality,and Buddhist Social Work~」
郷堀ヨゼフ、染谷有紀編 August 2021.

International Conference Open Mind Mongolia 2021
"Supporting Social Well-being during and after Covid-19":


企画実施 アジア国際社会福祉研究所 編者 東田全央 松尾加奈 原島博 2023年3月

~How does "Social Work" function in the communities without the professional social workers?~

Kana Matsuo, and Yuki Someya, ed. March 2023

What is the International Social Work with the Globalized States-Social Work? 11 February 2022
Edited by Matsuo Kana and Someya Yuki

What Does International Social Work Comprise and How Should This Presented in the Social Work Curricula? 9 February 2023
Coordinated by Nana Matsuo(松尾加奈)
Edited by Masateru Higashida(東田全央)

Reviewing Buddhist Social Work Through the Lens of History , Education , and Practice(2023)
Edited by Josef Gohori  郷堀ヨゼフ(編)

International Conference Open Mind Mongolia 2023
Post-conference proceedings of the joint session on ‘Policy and practice in disability and development towards inclusive social change: Implications for social work’
Edited by Masateru Higashida and Oyuntsetseg Dugarsuren

2014~2016(Before the ARIISW establishment)

『アップ・トゥー・デート』(仏研ブックレット)No.37. 長谷川仏教文化研究所.秋元樹2014年12月.pp.2-17.

The Roles of Buddhism in Social Work — Vietnam and Japan.
Shukutoku University, USSH-VNU, and JCSW,  Akimoto Tatsuru,hd. Sakamoto Etsuko,ed. March 2015.

TOGETHER WITH HIM — The Life of Ryoushin Hasegawa
Shukutoku University Asian Center for Social Work Research,  Hasegawa Masatoshi,Dozono Yoshie,tr.&ed. 2015.

「平成23年3月11日東日本大震災における仏教系各種団体の震災に関するアンケート調査」報告書 第3版
全日本仏教会他監修 淑徳大学藤森研究室他編者 平成27年10月(文部科学省平成27年度助成)

「東日本大震災における日本仏教各宗派教団の取組みに関するアンケート調査」報告書 第3版
全日本仏教会他監修 淑徳大学藤森研究室他編者 平成27年10月(文部科学省平成27年度助成)

「被災地寺院の教訓を今後の寺院防災に活かす聞き取り票(アンケート調査)」報告書 第3版
全日本仏教会他監修 淑徳大学藤森研究室他編者 平成27年10月(文部科学省平成27年度助成)

Buddhist “Social Work” Activities in Asia
Akimoto Tatsuru,hd. Kikuchi Yui,ed.  October 2015.(文部科学省平成27年度助成)

藤森雄介編 平成28年3月(文部科学省平成27年度助成)
「仏教“ソーシャルワーク”と西洋専門職ソーシャルワーク 次の第一歩」
秋元樹監修 郷堀ヨゼフ編 2016年1月(文部科学省平成27年度助成)
第1部 アジアにおける仏教“ソーシャルワーク”の現状
第2部 仏教“ソーシャルワーク”と西洋専門職ソーシャルワーク 次の第一歩
Buddhist “Social work” and Western-rooted Professional Social Work — The next first step — (Proceedings)
Akimoto Tatsuru,sv. Gohori Josef,ed. January 2016.(文部科学省平成27年度助成)

Islamic Social Work Practice: Experiences of Muslim Activities in Asia
Akimoto Tatsuru,sv. Matsuo Kana,ed. March 2016.(文部科学省平成27年度助成)

Kara News Letter

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Kara No.61 Report on participation in the World Joint Conference (SWSD2024):  The Katherine Kendall Award Lecture by Dr Akimoto
Kara No.60 The 8th International Academic Forum, featuring Prof. L. Healy, Prof. M. Pawar, and Dr. T. Akimoto
Kara No.59 Contributions to international social work theory: Katherine Kendall Award to Dr Akimoto!!
Kara No.58 The 8th ARIISW-Shukutoku University International Academic Forum is coming up soon!

Kara No.57 An exchange of practical experiences in Sri Lanka: International implications/The Report and Brief Notes on Buddhist Social Work

Kara No.56 Academic exchange and future development in Mongolia:Open Mind Mongolia 2023
Kara No.55 ARIISW announces the launch of a new joint international study on international social work education!
kara No.54 Welcoming a Delegation from the National University of Mongolia.
kara No.53 Status of Applications for Visiting Researchers in FY2023
kara No.52 New Booksand a Report are published!
kara No.51 ARIISW promotes new research activities in the new fiscal year
kara No.49 ARIISW holds the 7th International Social Work Academic Forum
kara No.48 The 7th ARIISW International Social Work Academic Forum(ARIISW-Shukutoku University)
kara No.47   A delegation of the Indonesian government visits ARIISW!
Kara No.46 Report: The PhD Degree Celebration Lectures
kara No.45 Announcement: PhD Degree Celebration Lectures
kara No.44 Buddhist Social Work Moves Towards a New Global Level!
kara No.43 A Visiting Researcher arrives in Japan To write up a PhD dissertation
kara No.42 A Brief Report on ARIISW’s Activities:A co-hosted study group on international social work
kara No.41 Status of applications for visiting researchers in FY2022.A total of 6 applicants from 5 countries!
kara No.40 Research Series “Exploring Buddhist Social Work:”Two New Titles Released
kara No.39 Visiting Researchers Awarded by the Ph.D. title !Two researchers who finished the unique “Visiting Researcher ROMPAKU program” successfully completed their Ph.D.

International Journal of Buddhist Social Work

An international peer-reviewed academic journal focused on Buddhist social work. Academic papers, case studies, reports, and other content focus on theory and practice of Buddhist social work. Building bridges not only between Buddhism and social work but also across countries, regions, and cultures.

Issued by Asian Buddhist Social Work Research Network, supported by Asian Research Institute for International Social Work (ARIISW) at Shukutoku University, Japan.

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