Vision of Shukutoku University

Three Principles

Aim to Create a Symbiotic Society -Succession and Reformation-

As Shukutoku University will celebrate its 50th anniversary in coming 2015, the “Vision of Shukutoku University” is formulated. Our university staff and students will work together to realize this vision.

1. Direction of Education

Develop symbiotic, practical human resources who have basic abilities as a bachelor and play an active role in various fields, based on the spirit of “利他共生 rita kyousei.”
(Cultivate the founding principle, enhance bachelor’s skills, and promote practical learning)

2. Relationship with Society

Be rooted in the local community and open to the world, and expand contribution to the community and exchanges with the world.
(University that contributes to the community and promotes international exchanges)

3. University Management

Review the structure and operation of the university with our university staff united, and promote educational and organizational reforms.
(Promotion of reforms based on the internal assurance system: educational reforms with our university staff united, establishment of governance, and strengthening of financial structure)

Three Principles