School of Nursing

School of Nursing

2nd Chiba Campus

Introduction of School

We train nursing professionals who have welfare mind and are patient-friendly.
We will do our best to support students who are working hard to achieve their dreams.
School of Nursing is FOR YOU if you...
  • Like to take care of others
  • Want to support people with nursing
  • Want to be a nursing professional

Licenses and Qualifications that can be Acquired

■ Qualification for the national examination for nurses
■ Qualification for the national examination for public health nurses (*selected from applicants)
■ Class 2 school nurse’s license (obtained upon application after obtaining a public health nurse license)
■ Qualification for social welfare secretaries, etc.

Anticipated Future Career Paths

■ Hospital
■ Public health center / health center
■ Health care facilities for the elderly
■ Home-visit nursing station
■ Education and research institutes
■ Postgraduate study, etc.

Points of Learning

Train nursing professionals with welfare mind
Students will take care of various patients in nursing practices in their second and third years, where they plan and practice nursing plans according to the needs of patient. We also emphasize the cultivation of welfare mind to snuggle with patients and make each other alive.
Abundant practical training environment including National Hospital Organization
A campus was established on the premises of the “National Hospital Organization Chiba Higashi Hospital” as Japan’s first place for nursing education in cooperation with the National Hospital Organization. There are many other hospitals and facilities near the campus that offer practical training.
Complete preparation for the national examination for nurses
In collaboration with the National Hospital Organization Chiba Higashi Hospital, we will research effective training methods. In addition, we offer “measures to strengthen academic ability” before enrollment, and we are proud of our students’ high achievement in the national examination pass rate every year due to our systematic support.
Japan’s First Place for Nursing Education in
Cooperation with National Hospital Organization

Excellent study environment and rich equipment and facilities

The 2nd Chiba Campus offers an “attractive place for learning” in a beautiful campus with rich facilities and equipment. This campus is located on the premises of the “National Hospital Organization Chiba Higashi Hospital” as Japan’s first place for nursing education in cooperation with the National Hospital Organization. Another feature is that many hospitals and facilities offering practical training are located adjacent to the school, so students can learn while always being aware of actual medical care.

Practical education emphasizing hospital training

The School of Nursing, whose motto is “practical education” that responds to the times and is useful in actual work, offers step-by-step on-site training program from the first year. Through the rich training program, students will acquire solid knowledge and skills, gain sufficient experience to develop practical skills suitable for actual work. In on-campus classes, students will acquire practical skills that can be applied to actual work through an educational program with an eye on practical application.

Reduce financial burden including school expenses by using various scholarships

In addition to our university’s own scholarships (benefit/loan) and scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization, hospital scholarships provided by hospitals and facilities, including those offering practical training, and Chiba Prefectural Loans for School Expenses for Public Health Nurses are available.
We support each student’s desire to “learn” and “realize his or her dreams” from a financial perspective.
School of Nursing

Full Preparation for National Examinations

Systematic support system with university assistance
We systematically offer preparatory courses for national examinations (by our teaching staff and outside lecturers) with the support of the university throughout the year to support students’ voluntary learning.In particular, wetry to offer rich courses in subjects that students tend to have difficulty with, such as human body functions, pathophysiology, and treatment of diseases.
Unique student-led measures
In order forstudents to independently prepare for national examinations, each advisory group elects national examination preparation committee members from students, creating a system in which students will actively prepare for nationalexaminations as a whole. In addition, we are proud of our students’ top-level national examination pass rate that is achieved by providing national examination preparation courses and mock examinations by our teaching staff and specialized outside specialists in their fourth year.