School of Nutrition

School of Nursing

2nd Chiba Campus

Introduction of School

We train national registered dietitians with “welfare mind” who help people improve their health and quality of life through “food.”
We will do our best to support students who are working hard to achieve their dreams.
School of Nutrition is FOR YOU if you...
  • Want to energize people with nutrition and food
  • Want to support people’s lives with nutrition and food
  • Love cooking and eating, and want to use that interest to learn specialized knowledge

Licenses and Qualifications that can be Acquired

■ Qualification for the national examination fornational registered dietitians
■ Class 1 nutrition teacher’s license
■ Qualification for the examination for food specialists
■ Qualification for food sanitation supervisors
■ Qualification for food sanitation inspectors
■ Qualification for social welfare secretaries, etc.

Anticipated Future Career Paths

■ Hospital/clinic
■ Social welfare facilities
■ Elementary and junior high schools
■ Board of education
■ Research institute
■ Universities/corporate laboratory
■ Public health center / health center
■ Health management departments in industrial lunch service facilities and corporates
■ Sports facilities
■ Pharmacy
■ Postgraduate study, etc.

Points of Learning

Aim to be able to contribute to medical teams and local communities
In actual medical care, national registered dietitians manage the nutrition and diet of individual patients as part of a team with doctors and nurses. We train nutrition specialists who can carry out health promotion activities from the perspective of “food.”
Acquire knowledge and mind of “nursing” and “welfare”
Through classes to learn together with other colleges and schools such as those of nursing and welfare, students aim to be nutrition specialists with minds of nursing and welfare who can tackle the health issues society faces.
Learn through on-site practical training at various sites
Students will experience actual nutrition management, including planning and administration, at hospitals and welfare facilities. In cooperation with field staff, we will enhance their ability to work immediately and their professionalism. We offer rich training programs and a wide variety of training destinations.
Develop Human Resources
who can be Active in Various Fields through Food

Fields of Activity

School of Nutrition

Practical education emphasizing on-site training and on-campus experiments and practical training

The School of Nutrition, whose motto is “practical education” that responds to the times and is useful in actual work, offers a variety of on-campus experiments and practical training as well as off-campus programs (on-site training).
In on-site practical training, students will experience actual nutrition management, including planning and administration, at hospitals, welfare facilities, schools, and so on. In cooperation and collaboration with professional staff in medical care, nursing care, public administration, teaching, and others, we will develop students’ practical skills suitable for actual work and enhance their professionalism. Taking advantage of our strong connections with various facilities in Chiba Prefecture, we offer rich practical training programs.

Excellent study environment and rich equipment and facilities

The 2nd Chiba Campus offers an “attractive place for learning” in a beautiful campus with rich facilities and equipment.
The School of Nutrition has a full glass walled cooking training room and many other places where various experiments and practical training can be carried out, including analysis of biological components and food ingredients.
In addition, the Learning Commons, a common space where students learn together, allows students to discuss, seek knowledge, and think and learn together.

The Chiba Campus is 10 minutes away by school bus, allowing students to use the facilities and equipment of the two campuses and participate in club and circle activities.
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Reduce financial burden including school expenses by using various scholarships

Our university’s own scholarships (benefit/loan), scholarships from the Japan Student Services Organization, and other scholarships are available.
In addition, Shukutoku University offers educational loans (advance tuition payment system) in cooperation with the national government and private companies.
We support each student’s desire to “learn” and “realize his or her dreams” from a financial perspective.
School of Nursing

Full Preparation for National Examinations

We offer a full range of support systems, including “measures to strengthen academic ability” before enrollment and “study support” and “national examination preparation” from the early grades. Detailed support is provided to students according to each student’s level of understanding, including guidance on the attitude toward the national examination and annual schedule, as well as mental support. We also offer preparatory course by our teaching staff and outside lecturers, as well as mock examinations to objectively understand weaknesses on their own.