School of Community Studies

School of Community Studies

Chiba Campus

Introduction of School

The School of Community Studies aims to help students acquire the abilities to propose practical solutions to problems, and to envision and realize a new society, from a wide range of perspectives, in collaboration with companies and communities.
School of Community Studies is FOR YOU if you...
  • Want to be a civil servant
  • Are interested in town planning
  • Want to learn sports-related subjects

Licenses and Qualifications that can be Acquired

■ Social researcher
■ Qualification for social welfare secretaries
■ Secretarial skill proficiency test
■ Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), etc.

Anticipated Future Career Paths

■ National public servant (general staff, regular staff)
■ Local civil servant (prefectural staff, municipal staff, police officer, firefighter)
■ Sports and leisure industries
■ Construction industry
■ Hotel, tourism, and food service industries
■ Media and IT industries
■ Planning and management of manufacturers, etc.
■ Finance, insurance, securities companies, etc.

Thorough preparation for civil service examination

We support students with a rich program for passing the examination even before their enrollment!
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Points of Learning

Abundant hands-on learning to acquire practical skills
We offera large number ofclasses with case studies through off-campus practical training, and classes inviting public administration/business practitioners and community leaders. Students can choose from three programs: public administration, business, and sports & culture, to acquire practical skills.
Four fields of study that form the basis of problem-solving skills
By acquiring basic knowledge in the four fields of sociology, economics, law, and policy studies, students will cultivate their “basic abilities to discover and solve problems.” By doing so, they will acquire the “abilities befitting to bachelor’s degree” which is required for administrative practice and business management.
Small-group education with an eye on post-graduation career paths
Opportunities are provided from the first year for students to think about their career paths after graduation, such as debriefing sessions by those who have passed civil service examinations and those who have received unofficial job offers from private companies. We emphasize small-group education so that each student can study with peace of mind, and our advisory staff are available for study and career counseling.
Grow through Challenges

Service Learning Programs through Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration

Service learning is an educational program offered in collaboration with local communities, municipalities, companies, and NPOs, in which students will find their new awareness of problems and goals by participating in event management andhands-on learning. By learning systematically so that they will be able to apply their experience to practice, students will acquire the practical skills required by society.

  • Challenge to solving city issues
  • Challenge to product planning and development
  • Challenge to professional sports business
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Flow of Service Learning

Students will select an issue of interest from among the three fields of study: business, public administration, and sports & culture, and learn practically about the various issues society faces and how society works through identifying problems, thinking how to solve them, and take actual actions. 
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Introduction of Program

Open all
Sports & Culture ProgramChallenge to professional sports business
Administrative Program Challenge to solving city issues
Administrative Program Challenge to supporting high school students
Business Program Challenge yourself to be a Chiba Nippo student reporter  
Business Program Challenge to product planning and development